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YouTube’s Global Initiative Takes Aim at Users with Ad Blockers

Google-owned YouTube is intensifying its efforts to combat users employing ad blockers on its platform worldwide, doubling down on warnings and consequences.

An increasing number of YouTube users are now encountering warnings prompting them to disable ad blockers to view ads or opt for a $14 YouTube Premium subscription, as reported by Android Authority. In recent weeks, users with ad blockers installed have faced restrictions on watching YouTube videos.

The platform has initiated a global campaign to encourage users to either allow ads or explore the benefits of YouTube Premium, which also encompasses YouTube Music.

A spokesperson for the company emphasized to The Verge that the “use of ad blockers” violates the platform’s terms of service. The spokesperson stated, “Ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favorite content on YouTube.”

In June, YouTube acknowledged disabling videos for users with ad blockers, initially framing it as a “small experiment globally.” The platform introduced unskippable 30-second ads to its TV app in May and later experimented with longer but less frequent ad breaks on TV.

Last month, YouTube announced the discontinuation of its lower-cost subscription plan, ‘Premium Lite,’ after a two-year pilot in select countries. The plan, priced at $7.39 per month, was introduced in select European countries in 2021, offering ad-free viewing without including additional Premium features such as offline downloads, background playback, or YouTube Music benefits. The removal coincided with the first-time price hike for YouTube Premium’s individual plan, now starting at $13.99 per month, and family plans, increased to $22.99 per month late last year.

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Last modified: November 14, 2023

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