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Xbox 360: Which Core Bundle is Right for You?

If you’ve lived under a rock since May then you’d be surprised to learn that Microsoft has released their second Xbox titled XBOX 360. Upon your emergence it wouldn’t take long for you to figure out that this is no regular system; the XBOX 360 will lead the next generation consoles by including some of the latest wireless and graphic technology to-date. What some of you may not know is the fact Microsoft will release TWO different systems. They were concerned about the price of all the gadgets so they made a second, cheaper system. What’s the difference? This article will explain some of the must knows before buying the XBOX 360.

First off, what do the systems hold that are the same? Both hold a DVD-ROM so you can play DVD’s, CD’s, all XBOX 360 games. You can plug into one of the 3 USB ports to access iPOD’s, video, cameras, MP3 players, etc. pretty much the generic gaming experience will be available on both systems. But now for the fun stuff. Should I shell out the extra $100 for the more expensive system?

You’ll be surprised about the differences between the two bundled systems so consider these things before buying. In no particular order here are some CONS of buying the CHEAPER system. (Believe me, I wouldn’t pump the more expensive system if it wasn’t a big deal, I’m here to save gamers money.)

First off, remember backwards compatibility? Your ability to play 200 XBox games on the next generation XBOX 360? Well you NEED to download patches for most games and those patches stay on the hard drive. The cheaper system does NOT come equipped with the 20GB hard drive.

What’s the difference in cables? The cheaper version comes complete with AV cables for your TV, the expensive version comes complete with cables for HD-TV hook up. BUT get this: the graphic difference of the Xbox to Xbox 360 will be marginal if you have an old TV. This is what we’ve been told, and if you experience otherwise post it in our Xbox forum. It seems that you need a new TV to really experience the bells and whistles of the new system.

If you want to save games then you NEED to buy a 64MB memory unit (for the cheaper system) which will cost 40 bucks. That bumps up the price of the original to $340 from $299. For an extra $60 bucks you can have EVERYTHING in the better system. (As an aside, the Canadian companies are going to make a bundle (well not a bundle since Microsoft will likely loose money to start off with.) But, the US price for the basic system is $299 while the Canadian counterpart is $399. The current exchange rate does not warrant a $100 increase to adjust. The price should be closer to $350. Just a thought.)

The one controller that comes with the new cheaper bundle is wired, whereas the more expensive bundle will come complete with a single WIRELESS controller. Enough said. You be the judge regarding its value.

Judging by looks, the Xbox 360 games will typically be sharper and crisper, but not an all out blow out. I’ll say that Microsoft BETTER get some more games going than the initial 18 or risk losing market share and interest in a hurry. This article concludes that for the extra $60 bucks (you need the 64 MB card to save games so that’s why it’s $60,) you shold go out and place an order for the more expensive system. Why Xbox made two different ones when the prices would be so close is beyond me. Mind you, coupled with game packages, the price does climb up there. That’s my take, now back to gaming.

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Last modified: August 18, 2022

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