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Would You Like An iPod With Your Checkup?

When you walk into most dentist offices, you see a receptionist, a fish tank, and a magazine rack, not necessarily in that order.  If my dentist has as much influence as I think he does, you may soon find an iPod rack next to the magazines.

On my last visit, my dentist, offered me an iPod as his hygienist was getting ready to do her 6-month routine.  I have never really enjoyed going to the dentist. There is just something about lying still while people pull and push around inside your mouth that seems unnatural.  So I was happy for the offer.  I like gadgets and I also liked the idea of a distraction.

The iPod user interface is so easy and intuitive that anybody can figure it out, even if they are upside down, looking at the ceiling and have a spot light shining in their face.  He had his iPod loaded with a range of music so that there was something for everybody.  I soon settled into some Dave Mathews then switched to a little classic Fleetwood Mac that I do not have at home.

As I was lying there completely entertained and oblivious to the work that was going on, I spotted a couple of negative issues that go along with the use of an iPod in the chair.  

Every time I got an instruction to open wider, I invariable responded, “huh” or “wha…”.  I couldn’t hear a thing over the music.  My dentist probably needs an override switch so that he can cut into the music and get my attention.  Getting in and out of the chair was also a little more complicated with the addition of ear bud wires.  They get all tangled up with the little place mat and chain they always put on your chest.

My dentist said that he was still running into questions that he didn’t really have answers for.  Some of his patients wanted to buy the iPod and take it with them.  A few wanted to borrow it to show to somebody at home.

I have to admit that I liked having some entertainment and the iPod was a good way to deliver it.  Those visits usually seem really long but the music made this last visit go by fast.  Having control of the iPod made giving up control of my mouth a little easier and I appreciated the diversion provided by good quality music. I decided to take the next step and buy an iPod. I found some great advice on iPod and Accessories at ipod-tips.com and ipodlounge.com.

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Last modified: August 18, 2022

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