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Why Should A PC Be Valeted?

Through everyday use, PC‘s accumulate dirt, dust, grime and germs.  

There are two major contributors to this – the people that use them (The Human Element) and the machines themselves (The Mechanical Element)

Consider these in detail…

So we’ll start with the Mechanical Element.  On every PC, there are air vents and cooling fans.  The area within the casing of a computer gets hot, so fans are used to suck cool air into the machine to keep the temperature low.  This prevents overheating.  However, the problem is this:  when the fans breath in cool air, they are also breathing in the dust and paper particles that are all around us – and more so if we work in an office.  These particles settle on the fan itself, and other vital components.  The dust and dirt build up, and start to clog the fan, reducing its effectiveness and creating noise.  This means that vital components – such as the processor – the brain of the PC – are subject to overheating.  Not to mention the possibility of the buildup of dust causing components to short out by static electricity.  In essence, the procedures in place to protect the PC are slowly destroying it…

We’ll move on to the Human Element – you and me.  Right now, you are at your machine, perhaps with one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse.  Or perhaps holding a bag of crisps, or an apple if you are healthier!  But think of the germs that are currently on your hands.  The crumbs that slip between the keys as you type. The apple juice residue that clings to the keys, making them sticky.  These become breeding grounds for germs – so much so, that research has proved that there are 400x more germs per square inch on your keyboard than in your toilet bowl.  Disgusting!  But think about it.  How often does your toilet bowl get cleaned?  Regularly.  How often does your keyboard get cleaned – but not just cleaned – sanitised?  Now there’s food for thought.   Not to mention the swabs that have been taken from computer keyboards that have shown up hair, skin and nail particles, food remnants and insects!  All lurking and rotting half a centimeter below where your fingers are now!

Yes, right now, the PC that you are working at now could be an overheating, germ infested, food riddled machine on the verge of mechanical breakdown!

It is for this reason that CompuClean offers commercial and domestic customers alike the Full System Valet.  A comprehensive, all inclusive system ‘makeover’, getting to the root of the problems – completely removing the dirt and dust build-up from within the PC’s casing.  Meticulous cleaning of the keyboard – not just on the surface, but underneath too.  Complete removal of the greasy fingerprints that mar the screen that you are looking at.  And finally, sanitisation of the mouse.

Is this a necessary service?  Well, think of that word – service.  Do you service your car?  Yes.  Why?  Not because it is broken – no, but to keep it in good working order, and to prevent it from breaking down.  The same is true with computer valeting – it’s all about preventative maintenance.  Regularly valeting your PC so that it doesn’t break down.  You service your car regularly.  Why neglect your PC?

For more information, and prices on Computer Valeting, please visit our website www.computervaleting.co.uk

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Last modified: August 19, 2022

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