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What Is Adware and  What Can You Do to Prevent It from Affecting Your System?

Privacy: how important is it to you? Would you feel comfortable knowing that someone could keep track of the web sites that you visit? While Spyware often  talked about, you may be less familiar with a similar type of programming: Adware

Adware is used as a supplemental program in some cases. Adware can be used as a part of an internet program and used as a  way of letting you use a service without paying for it: rather than using a program with limited features and rather than paying the full cost of the program, you can choose an ad-supported version. The adware used will track the sites you visit and ads that are related to your interests will be shown to you during your session.

Of course, that is an example of your consent to having adware installed on your system. Another possibility is that you install software and don’t fully read the part of the user agreement that suggested that third-party software was included to see how the software was used on your computer.

This third-party software is typically adware. With it, the person who wrote the software can collect money from advertisers who will be able to know which users might be interested in their products. 

For many people. However, adware quickly becomes an annoyance. In addition to feeling uncomfortable that they are being watched – associating the feeling with being spied on and the adware with spyware – they just want to be able to go about using a program or surfing the internet without a steady stream of advertising or even advertising pop-up windows slowing them down.

As a result, they start looking for ways of removing adware from their computer. 

Removing adware from your computer can be done by installing ad-blocking software. Removing adware, in many cases, can also be done with the installation of anti-spyware programs.

But why settle for removing adware when you can make efforts to keep it from getting on your computer to begin with? Rather than dealing with adware and having to find ways of removing adware from your system, consider doing the following:

· Read the licensing agreements that come with software programs that you are thinking about installing. If a mention is made of third-party software that will track the way you use the program or the software is listed as ad-supported, do not agree to the terms of service and choose an alternate program. In many cases, the user agreement or licensing agreement are available to you before you download and install the software;

· Choose the free but feature limited software or pay for the program rather than using the advertising supported version to avoid installing adware on your system;

· If you think that you are getting adware or spyware on your system and you have been using Internet Explorer as your web browser, consider making the switch to another browser that contains ad-blocks;

· Make sure that the security patches for your computer’s operating system as well as your anti-spyware and firewalls are up to date.

In easer words, the best means of removing adware from your computer is to not install it in the first place. Taking control of your computer is not only the best way of preventing adware but also some of the more dangerous security threats including spyware, trogens, worms and viruses. Once you have the right software installed you can now Surf the net with more confidence, privacy and therefore with more security.

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Last modified: August 23, 2022

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