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website-hosting-reviews-free – The best resource for website hosting comparison

There are many companies that do website hosting.  With each company having different plans to offer, it is important that you get a one point snapshot of what is the best plan

“The moment you think of buying a Web Hosting Plan, you know one thing – So many choices, which one to choose?  Whether you would want to choose Shared Linux Packages or a Unix Package or do you want to go for a shared windows package or packages reseller for hosting?  Trust me, a lot of individuals stand confused when they see that there are thousands of plans yet very little resource of comparison.

Click on the link website-hosting-reviews-free and you would know why a lot of people consider this link as top notch hosting reviews or hosting directory site.  When you spend some time in this website, you would realize that a lot of information presented in this website is extremely unique only to this site and you would not find this anywhere else.

Their information structuring

You will find a common format across all the hosting directories.  We have information structured on three bits – Shared Unix or Shared Linux Packages, Shared Windows Packages, Reseller Packages.  Each Hosting Directory Categories has a list of plans.  Each plan is accompanies by a short synopsis of the plan details.  Hence, expect to find the price, the web space, Data Transfer ability and the operating platform.  

At one shot, you would be able to sort these plans by any of the following factors – Price, rating, Web Space, Data Transfer.  With such a high range of flexibility in filtering of data, you could almost be assured of making the right choice as long as your hosting company is considered.

Web Talk forums

We are one of the ones that provide web talk forums for you to discuss with other members of the forums.  Basically, through these forums you could ask your questions about a particular plan and in essence also gather information on the best hosting plan for their needs.  In fact, these forums would give you a good opportunity for you to get your questions answered.

Our Unique Selling Point

Unlike some of the other web hosting reviews, this website offers you reviews for free.  You just do need to pay us a dime for all the information you get.  It does not matter if you search Shared Unix, Shared Linux Packages or Shared Windows Packages.  Our idea is to provide you quality information.  We leave the decision up to you once we think we have done a good job of the deal.

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Last modified: August 24, 2022

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