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Virtual private server with plesk or cpanel

When you can’t afford a dedicated server, you can source for a vps solution. Virtual private server are partitioning of physical server, and having multiple operation system and resources allocated to few system accounts that are running at the same time. And each account is similar to a full featured server.

When looking for a VPS solution, we first concern is to chose which platform. VPS are usually powered by either plesk control panel or cpanel with whm control panel. If you are a cpanel supporter, then its adviced to stick with cpanel with whm. In another way round if you are plesk control panel geek, then stay with it.

Cpanel with WHM are meant for linux or unix server only, and not supporting windows ASP. If you are looking forward to have asp or asp .net, then you will need plesk control panel with windows support. Its important to choose the right one at this very early moment.

And good thing about VPS is that you can have physical desktop access and even accessing the system root folder and install your own software. Commonly VPS server independent reboot, and will not effecting other vps account that sharing the server. By this vps server uptime can be up to 99.99% compare to 99.9% for shared hosting environment.

Another gold advantage is that VPS solution, either its plesk or whm, they allow you to resell hosting plan. Yes, you can create your own hosting package, and sell off some of your unused hosting space and bandwidth, and earn some profit from there as well. Nice features to have.

So next time when you bump to vps solution with cpanel, whm, plesk control panel, windows hosting or linux hosting… you will know what you are facing and definitely you will chose the right one. If you need a good vps solution I will hightly recommending hostican vps and startlogic vps. Read full details review at hosticanreview.org and startlogicreview.org respectively.

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Last modified: August 24, 2022

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