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Video Phones: A New Era Of Communication

A videophone can be defined as a telephone, which has a viewing screen and a built-in camera. The main advantage of a videophone is that you can talk and see with a person at the same time. It gives the impression that the person whom you’re talking to is right in front of you. Videophones can also be used to make normal voice-only calls. There are many other uses of the videophones. For example, videophones are also used for the video conferencing. Videophones are also desirable because of its increasing commercial purposes.

How To Use A Videophone

Using a videophone is a cinch. A videophone looks just like a normal phone with camera and built-in screen. The only difference between a videophone and an ordinary voice phone is that the videophone is equipped with an integrated services digital network (ISDN) or digital phone line. A wide variety of video equipments is available now in the market. Videophones are more expensive than the normal phones because of the high technology integrated into these phones. The average cost of a videophone is around $1,000.

Some telecommunications providers and cable companies offer ISDN services. Due to high availability of these services, anyone in the U.S. and the UK can install a videophone. Generally, an ISDN telephone line has two separate channels in order to provide high-quality pictures. Once you have an ISDN-equipped videophone, you can start making calls. The only problem in this system is expensive. Video calls cost almost double that of normal telephone calls. This service is also not available in some countries. According to the telecom companies, the call cost will be significantly cut in the near future.

Use Of Videophones By Deaf Persons

Videophones are the result of recent advancements in the telecommunication field. This is a very useful medium of communication for people who are hearing impaired. Sign language can be used with this phone because of the good picture quality provided by most service providers. To do so, you are advised to sign slower than you usually would in a face-to-face conversation. Also, lip reading is difficult because of picture quality and a possible time delay between sound and picture.

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Last modified: August 24, 2022

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