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Verizon DSL  – It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Verizon DSL is a digital subscriber link (DSL) internet service provided by Verizon communications. Internet can be accessed in many ways like cable, ISDN, dial-up, optical fiber, power line internet, satellite, wi-fi, DSL etc. The advantage of DSL is that the voice telephone and fax can be used simultaneously with the internet connection. DSL technology takes advantage of the fact that on the telephone line, voice occupies a very small bandwidth and a large bandwidth is unused. This unused bandwidth is utilized by DSL for internet. Verizon DSL can also be used to connect more than one computer to one connection.

DSL internet service is provided over the ordinary telephone.  Verizon DSL is available in most places where verizon has provided telephone service. However DSL is not available on all telephone lines due to physical limitations. If the telephone is beyond 3 miles from the verizon central office (telephone exchange) the DSL service is not available. This is because the quality of the connection generally deteriorates beyond the 3 mile limit. Further if the copper wiring in the home telephone line is not as per requirements DSL service cannot be provided. Whether Verizon DSL can be provided or not to a particular Verizon telephone line can be checked easily by entering the telephone number in the URL given below.

Verizon DSL is available in two packages.  The Home package and The Business Package. Home package is available in two speeds, 3 Mbps/768 Kbps and 768Kbps/128Kbps. The rates are $312.45 $ per year and $ 164.45per year respectively. The charges have to be paid in monthly installments. A $19.95 shipping and activation will be charged separately.

For business DSL the prices are, 768Kbps $24.95MO, 3Mbps/768 Kbps $39.95 MO, 7.2 Mbps $79.95 MO. $25 setup fee and equipment for all packages.

Verizon DSL supports both PC and Macintosh. The minimum PC requirements for Verizon DSL are any one of the operating systems, Windows98, Windows Me, Windows XP or Windows 2000. 233 MHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent or higher. For Windows XP, 300 MHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent or higher. 128 MB RAM for Windows XP or 2000. 64 MB RAM for other OS. 100 MB free disk space. CD-ROM or DVD drive. USB Port or 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card.

For Macintosh computers the minimum requirements are Macintosh OS X or 10.2-10.4 .PowerPC processor with speeds 120 MHz or higher. 64 MB RAM. 100 MB free disk space. CD-ROM or DVD drive. 10-Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card. Alternatively the computer can be assessed automatically for compatibility with Verizon DSL at this URL. http://www22.verizon.com/ForHomeDSL/channels/dsl/sysreq/pc.asp

Verizon DSL can be ordered online. Verizon DSL comes with a self installing kit. The kit is an audio visual guide on how to install the DSL modem, using DSL filters, and installing Verizon Online DSL software. In case of difficulty the 24/7 live technical support is available. There are other benefits of opting for Verizon DSL, such as 10 MB webspace, 9 e-mail accounts, 30 day money back guarantee etc. (If the individual is not satisfied with Verizon DSL he will be repaid the money he has paid.)

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Last modified: August 24, 2022

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