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Unique Benefits Of Your Pager

With all the complicated and technologically exciting tools that we pretty much take for granted now, in our daily lives, why would anyone still want something as simple and basic as a pager?

The answer is exactly because it IS simple and basic. The beauty of the pager is that you can carry a very small item on your person that allows you to be reached at any time or place without having to stop what you are doing or needing to become engaged in telephonic conversation. You can get the message that you are needed, or that you need to make a return call, in an unobtrusive way. Then you can either respond immediately or postpone your response as the situation warrants.

With a pager, you can screen your messages and then pick and choose when to return a call, or even simply receive information that is time-dated without having to respond. As opposed to a cell phone, which demands your attention and interaction then and there, either by reading text or talking to the caller or listening to those often long-winded voice mails.

You are therefore able to stay in touch with those who need you, but not dangerously (in traffic), nor inconveniently (during a social engagement), nor rudely (in the middle of a movie theater or professional meeting) interrupted as you go about your day. A pager allows you to be in more than one place at a time – while you attend a meeting across town, you can still keep tabs on your coworkers who are finishing up a project for you back at the office. It’s a two-way convenience also – sometimes you and a cohort need to know how to reach each other while you are both in transit. A simple beep or vibration allows you to receive their number or message at 2:00 p.m. so that you can call them in their motel room at 6:00 p.m.

Another option is to bundle the best of both technologies – many cell phone companies offer pager services along with your telephone package now.

Pagers are a smart, simple, efficient tool and an economically sound investment. They run a long time on a small battery and you can purchase local, regional or national coverage for the maximum geographical range that suits your needs.

Sometimes the old adage is still true and even applies to modern communication technology: less is more.

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Last modified: August 24, 2022

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