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Toshiba offers you more

One product area that Toshiba has been doing very well in lately is the DVD player market. This includes normal DVD players and recorders that hook up to a TV, DVD drives that go inside computers, and portable DVD players that can be used to watch films on the go.

When it comes to TV DVD players, Toshiba was part of the original DVD working group that worked together to come up with the format, and had some of the first players on the market. Unlike the cheap clones that have since come out of the Far East, Toshiba DVD players implement the standards consistently and reliably, making sure that all DVDs will play, all the extra features will always work and the picture quality will be the very best that the disc can manage. Although Toshiba DVD players can be expensive, their reputation is second to none, and they are considered by many home cinema fans to be some of the best players available at any price.

Given its mastery of the high-end DVD player market, then, it is understandable that Toshiba has made moves to expand its product offering in this area. As recordable DVDs came on the market, Toshiba was again in the working group and one of the first companies to offer the product. The same goes for portable DVD players, where Toshiba was at the forefront of building a market for them, combining the great DVD playback of their DVD players with the build quality and light weight of their laptops to come up with some of the best portable players out there.

Finally, if you’re thinking of buying a new DVD drive for your computer, you would do well to consider getting a Toshiba. Toshibas tend to be able to read DVDs slightly faster than some other brands, and are much more reliable when it comes to burning discs. They are a favourite among computer enthusiasts, as they can copy some discs that other players can’t, making them especially good for making backups of copy-protected commercial software.

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Last modified: August 25, 2022

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