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Top 5 19” LCD Monitors On The Market

When you are considering a 19” LCD monitor for your computer, you want to make sure you get the best. When looking at the top 5 19” monitors on the market, it is important to find those that are quick and helpful in terms of office production. Price, function, and a number of other factors can influence which monitors are in the top 5, but this list will at least give you a starting point.

The first of the top 5 19” LCD monitors on the market is the LG Electronics Flatron L1950B. With a resolution of 1280 by 1024 and several available adjustments, this is a great monitor for anyway. It has an easy to use height adjustment feature to keep it at eye level as you work. Also, this very slim and flat monitor gives a great looking image that is easy on the eyes and helps prevent fatigue.

The second LCD flat screen monitor to make its way into the top five is the Dell UltraSharp 1905FP. This monitor comes in with a resolution of 1280 by 1024 with a number of available adjustments to that you can have it just how you like it. It also includes three 2.0 USB ports and a full range of adjustments of the physical settings. It is easy to use and offers a great picture.

Third on the top 5 19” LCD monitors on the market is the ViewSonic VP930b. With a good resolution, again, at 1280 by 1024, the ViewSonic offers smooth and easy to use physical adjustments that allow you to comfortable with the monitor. The monitor even has a very nice stable stand that keeps it in place and makes the physical adjustments easier.

The fourth on the list ist he NEC MultiSync 90GX2. The resolution on this one is, like with most of these, 1280 by 102. The adjustment is limited to tilt and swivel, but in most cases the height is actually pretty good. The screen is a glossy design that makes text easy to read and contrast prime. Scrolling through screen menus is easy so that picture adjustment is simple and quick for anyone.

Finally, in the top 5 19” LCD monitors on the market is the Hyundai ImageQuest Q90U. Limited in adjustment to just tilt, the resolution is the same as all the rest at 1280 by 1024. There are two easy to use and reach USB 2.0 ports on this model. Three is a low response time to the monitor, but it does not really cause any problems in general use. Overall, it is still a strong monitor that you can get for about 40% less than the other models on the list.

Overall, looking at the top 5 19” LCD monitors on the market can help you decide what will work best for you. In your home office, at work, or for fun these monitors are going to be easier on your eyes and better for space management. You will be glad you took the time to equip yourself with a flat screen LCD.

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Last modified: August 25, 2022

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