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Tips In Buying Used And Refurbished Computers

While computers today are generally cheaper than models sold years ago, they still represent a major investment. Quality new computers can cost anywhere from $500 – $1500, depending upon capabilities. Clearly, it is a purchase that deserves your full attention and thought. Speaking of thought, have you ever considered buying a used or refurbished computer? These computers can represent a major savings to you, without loss of performance. However, there are some things you should know before looking into these alternatives to new computers. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips in buying used and refurbished computers.

The first thing to consider when buying used and refurbished computers is the brand. While there are many different companies that specialize in selling used computers, it might be best to go with a reputable brand name. The reasons are two-fold. First, you can be sure that the parts used in manufacturing are of a high quality. Second, you will also be able to secure some type of warranty, which may not be offered by other dealers.

The next tip in buying used and refurbished computers is to make sure that that you receive the proper software documents and licenses. Often times people try to pass off stolen computers as “used”, so it is important to request the paperwork upfront. It is also important to have this software in case you need to do any type of system restore or back-up.

It is also important that you try any refurbished computer before you buy. Most reputable dealers will allow you to use the computer for a short period of time to check out before committing to purchase. What are a few of the things you should be looking for? Make sure that all installed programs boot up and perform correctly. Do a thorough check of all graphics, video, and sound drivers and also make sure other accessories work properly (mouse, monitor, keyboard, etc.). Lastly, be sure to check all CD and disk drives to make sure they open and close correctly.

Another thing to consider when buying a used or refurbished computer is the support option. Does the company you want to buy from have ample support staff available? And are the hours convenient with your own schedule? If a business does not offer support for the system you are considering, it is best to move on to another choice.

Lastly, make sure that you are safe if shopping online for your used or refurbished computer. The internet can pose many dangers, so protect your personal information on any site that you choose to do business with. A quality site will have some type of encryption service in place to keep your financial transaction private.

We hope that these tips in buying used and refurbished computers will help you make a more informed shopping decision. In addition to the tips mentioned in this article, using common sense will help ensure that you receive the best used computer for your needs, at a terrific value.

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Last modified: August 25, 2022

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