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The Growing Proliferation of Chatbots: Navigating the Chatbot Jungle

“Chatbots’ rise: a crowded landscape, evolving business models, uncertain future.”

In an era dominated by generative AI, the rise of chatbots has reached unprecedented levels, and the landscape is getting crowded. OpenAI’s recent announcement of the GPT Store, an online storefront for custom ChatGPT versions, has fueled a surge in chatbot creation. With over 3 million chatbots created using OpenAI’s GPT tool, the ecosystem is expanding rapidly. The GPT Store, akin to an app store for chatbots, allows creators to monetize their chatbots, marking a potential shift in the dynamics of the chatbot industry.

The Proliferation Issue

Despite the convenience offered by the GPT Store, the surge in chatbot creation poses a challenge for users. The abundance of options makes it challenging to discern where to start. While the store aims to streamline the discovery process, the question remains whether third-party developers can turn chatbots into essential and revolutionary tools, similar to what happened with smartphone apps.

Drowning in Choices

The author reflects on their experiences with various chatbots, highlighting the confusion and saturation in the chatbot market. The introduction of Bard by Google, Microsoft’s integration of ChatGPT into Bing, and Meta’s inclusion of AI-powered chatbots in its platforms contribute to the growing list of options. The author notes the challenge of finding a chatbot that truly stands out among the multitude.

The Business Side of Chatbots

While the chatbot market is booming, the article raises concerns about the influx of money into chatbot companies. Some startups in the chatbot space have received substantial funding despite uncertainties about user adoption and profitability. The freemium model, where advanced features are behind a paywall, is common, but converting users into paying customers remains a challenge for many chatbot providers.

The Quest for Profitability

As chatbot companies raise significant funds, the article questions whether chatbots will attract users and become profitable. The freemium model’s limitations are evident, and the need to explore new revenue streams is emphasized. The article suggests that successful chatbots may need to be embedded in specific software or hardware products to thrive.

Toward Personal Assistants

The article explores the idea that successful chatbots might evolve into personal assistants seamlessly integrated into users’ digital lives. The ability to link chatbots with existing services and data, as demonstrated by Google’s Bard, is seen as a step toward creating a more useful and personalized chatbot experience. The focus on specific applications and integration into established ecosystems could be pivotal for the future success of chatbots.

The Multimodal Future

Anticipating the next phase, experts predict a shift from text-heavy chatbots to more multimodal capabilities. The incorporation of advanced features allowing language models to work with various input and output formats, including images, video, and sound, could redefine the chatbot experience.

The GPT Store’s Role

OpenAI’s GPT Store is likened to the Apple App Store, potentially crowdsourcing the development of generative AI applications. The article suggests that the millions of custom chatbots created through the GPT Store could shape the future of chatbot technology, but it also raises concerns about further fragmentation in an already complex landscape.


While chatbots are still in their early stages, the influx of funds, diverse offerings, and evolving business models indicate a dynamic and uncertain future. The journey from novelty to essential tools will likely require innovative approaches, a focus on user-specific applications, and the integration of chatbots into broader digital ecosystems. As the chatbot landscape continues to evolve, users can expect a mix of confusion, experimentation, and, potentially, groundbreaking applications in the years to come.

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Last modified: January 19, 2024

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