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Technology explained

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These days there are more and more components on the market, such as DVD home cinema systems, DVD recorders and more recently the brand new generation of gaming consoles for the ultimate in home entertainment. To get the best out of your systems its important for you to understand the latest advancements in connectivity and the new technology available through your TV.

Multiple HDMI Connections

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and allows you to get the very best out of High Definition pictures and sound. Choosing three HDMI connections means that you can connect to SKY HD, and HDMI DVD player and a games console simultaneously. With this in mind you may choose to purchase an HDMI CEC. This is a Consumer Electronic Control that allows you to control all of your components through one TV remote control. It is preferable, when using this system to use same brand product, however, mixed brand products can still be controlled by a single remote on a basic level. 

100HZ Technology.

100Hz is the perfect choice when viewing sports of fast action movies. When you consider that your average television displays at only 50Hz it’s easy to see why the picture can judder, especially when it is slowed down. With 100Hz and extra frame is added which is an average of the frame either side of it, these frames are then added back to the real time footages creating a clear, judder and blur free motion, essential when you are looking for perfection in fast moving TV.  

Other Technology

With today’s Techno terms it can be very easy to become totally confused as to what else to buy when you are considering upgrading to a TV, Home Cinema system and DVD. Let’s look at a few examples, why for instance would you want to by a Component lead? Well, this lead will produce a better analogue picture from your DVD player than using a standard lead. Choosing a TV with DV input means you can add a digital devise such as a video camera and then record from that devise straight onto a DVD. S-video is a high quality analogue video connection cable and a scart lead is an Analogue connector that transfers pictures and sound to your TV.

Some other terms

Aspect ratio is the ratio of image width to image height. Auto tuning will automatically tune in aerial received channels. A digital Comb Filter will separate combined colour and black and white picture information resulting in a much sharper picture. Progressive scan is where all horizontal lines of the frame are shown in one go, this method delivers a superior picture from a DVD or video player. Especially useful for a household of different televisual tastes is the Picture in Picture system which allows programmes from different inputs to be viewed simultaneously, one on the full screen and one in a smaller window, so now you can watch the match and your favourite soap at the same time!

 A few final terms.

Dolby digital 5.1 allows you to hear all five channels of sound via a home cinema system for a true surround sound effect. Fastext is an updated version of teletext that uses coloured keys on a remote as short cuts to the pages. Freeview is a free digital service of 41 channels that you can view via an integrated digital television or a separate set top box. And Finally HDTV is High Definition television broadcasting that provides exceptional picture quality and true surround sound.

We hope that this has helped you find your way around some of today’s technology. Now all you have to do is choose your system and sit back and enjoy the superior viewing now available to you at 1staudiovisuals very special prices. Enjoy!

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Last modified: August 30, 2022

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