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PPC Appraisal Program: Leave Your Computer On And Earn Money

This program is very simple to download, entirely free and really works!

Requiring no sponsoring, no costs at all to join, once it has been set up, the only thing you do is leave your computer on and the system will just automatically run and you can trace your income by the second.

This program operates comparable to “click on a search engine and get paid” programs, with the exception of the following:

  1. It is run automatically similar to auto surf, so there is no need for you to click on any link.
  2. It does not provide you with only one search engine, but there are at least twenty one now running.

If you continually run your computer for twenty four hours a day, you may earn up to fifteen dollars a day. At the end of the month, when they will be adding up to two hundred more search engines, you may earn up to sixty dollars a day, not doing anything, just be online.

In addition, you get another five percent of your referrals running time; these referrals could go as far as four levels.

Every search engine builds up an independent total of your time surfing. You must reach sixty dollars before payment be done by each of the search engine.

Normally, when you are running your computer online for twenty four hours each day, without any referral, for you to reach sixty dollars, it would more or less take you up to two months, with the now running twenty four search engines. Now consider this, sixty multiplied by twenty four will equal to one thousand four hundred forty. This is how much you will make in two months, of doing nothing.

Signing up:

Take note of this URL, as you will use this as your sponsor:


  1. Go to http://www.ppcappraisal.com/register.php?fT=1&RefId=14387 and fill out the form.
  2. Where it is asking for the company name, put PPC appraisal

For the URL, put ppcappraisal.com

For tax ID, put N/A

Fill the rest of the form with your personal information

Take note that ppc appraisal does not accept any email address with full stops or non alphabetic characters in it. If you are in need of a new email address just for this intention, you can register at www.hotmail.com ; they offer a free account.

  1. Log in (this will take you on to a menu)
  2. Hit select all at the pages’ bottom.
  3. Go back again to the bottom of the page and hit “select all” then “request”
  4. There will be more than two pages that will appear. Do the same for all of the pages.
  5. Go to your PPC account and click on “statistics” and observe the entire search engines appear and your total earnings.
  6. Download “test 33” (go to and make sure you save it to the desktop.
  7. Log in to PPC appraisal, select campaigns on the menu.
  8. Write down a copy of your portal URL
  9. In the test33 browser, go to tools, analyst, act, setup; you will see two squares that are empty; on the lower left side, click append and wait for the pop up window to appear open.
  10. Inside that window, type in set 1 and hit OK.
  11. After which, it will fade away.
  12. Go back to tools, analyst, act, hit set 1 and the url will load.
  13. Go to tools, analyst and hit loop and then click on navigation.
  14. At the bottom, click on the word “six” and this will open up six different search engines.
  15. Now the test 33 will start on clicking all search engines.
  16. Do not adjust any settings. You can minimize the window and still work on your normal computer wok. It will just continue on clicking the search engines and will never interfere with what you do. These are search engines that use up or get a run through this particular program. They are doing this and making payments to improve or increase their numbers so they can have a better chance to compete with google or yahoo.
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Last modified: August 10, 2022

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