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NASA+: Explore the Universe with a Free Streaming Odyssey!

No Subscriptions. No Ads. Pure Family Fun! Featuring Emmy-winning live shows and captivating original series.

Compatible with major platforms: Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android & the NASA app.

NASA has propelled its revolutionary OTT platform, NASA+, into the digital space, offering unparalleled access to science and space-related content—all for free. Bid farewell to subscription hassles and intrusive ads; NASA+ is an ad-free haven for space enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

No longer must you wait for your favorite shows, movies, or documentaries to grace your TV screens. NASA’s generous gift to the world comes in the form of NASA+, a fully free OTT platform.

No subscriptions, no logins—just uninterrupted streaming joy. NASA+ ensures a seamless viewing experience without the interruption of unwanted advertisements. For space aficionados, this platform is nothing short of a celestial blessing.

Here’s how you can embark on your celestial journey:

Access the platform via a web browser: plus.nasa.gov. Download the NASA app on Android and iOS platforms for convenient streaming. Enjoy free content on Roku and Apple TV. Delight in original series and Emmy Award-winning content that adds a stellar touch to the cosmic spectacle.

NASA+ had been teasing its OTT streaming app since July, creating anticipation for this groundbreaking digital platform dedicated to science and space-related video content. Combining information about various missions and space endeavors, NASA+ is a comprehensive and curated experience.

Dive into a vast array of entertaining and informative content across diverse categories. Brace yourself for riveting documentary series like Artemis: 1, Other Worlds: Planets, and First Light—all available for free on this stellar streaming platform. While predominantly in English and Spanish, NASA+ aims to expand its linguistic horizons in the near future.

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Last modified: November 14, 2023

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