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Computer Consulting Proving Ground Projects Are a Good First Test

Computer consulting proving ground projects are a great way to test the waters for the client and the consultant. Be observant and watch for the warning signs of a bad client during proving ground projects in computer consulting.

A great way to see if you and potential clients are a good fit is by first trying “proving ground projects.” In this article, you’ll learn how proving ground projects are essential before signing any long-term agreements for computer consulting. 

Proving Ground Projects Defined

Proving Ground Projects are the first projects computer consulting professionals complete with a new customer who hasn’t yet become a client or a steady client. During this time, consultants are proving they know their stuff, are dependable and personable, and provide good value.

At the same time, the customers are proving to the consultant that they have reasonable expectations, a compatible personality type, and that the customer is willing to PAY for professional IT services at the going market rates.

Be Observant During Proving Ground Projects

If all goes well for the consultant, he/she is on the right track toward having a new, steady client by successfully completing the computer consulting proving ground project.

However, all too often, consultants aren’t observant enough during the proving-ground project. They end up starting a long-term relationship with someone who proves to be a nightmarish client. This is usually because they were so enamored at the prospect of landing a new computer consulting customer, that they missed the obvious warning signs. Some of these include when clients:

· change their mind constantly

· are late for meetings

· verbally abuse employees

· don’t believe the “rules” apply to them

The Bottom Line about Computer Consulting Proving Ground Projects

Don’t rush into a client relationship without determining you are a mutual fit by first trying computer consulting proving ground projects. Proving ground projects ensure that both parties have realistic expectations about each other in the computer consulting relationship. 

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