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Bag Those Apples

Honestly, I’m not a bag person. I don’t even know the difference between a tote and a handbag. (Wait, they are different, right?) Anyway, I don’t like carrying bags and my general rule is, if I can’t fit it in my pocket, it’s not going with me. However, all these changed when I went freelance and got myself an Apple laptop. I mean, I carry my business with me, and often I need to give presentations to prospective clients. Apple would give me the sophistication I lacked. Back to bags, a friend gave me one as a gift to my new freelance business. I told him that I don’t need nor want one. Then he asked me the question I haven’t even thought about. How am I going to carry my laptop? I gave him a grin and asked for the bag back. Call these things anything you want: computer bags, laptop bags, laptop cases, computer carrying case, laptop carrying case; I call them lifesavers. I am now a proud owner of three: black, checked, and in print.

Laptop bags are essential bags you use to carry your laptop around. Thinking that you’re old backpack would do? Think again, because computer bags, laptop bags, laptop cases, computer carrying case, laptop carrying case, and other gadget carrying cases are made specifically for carrying electronics. This means that they have features that your ordinary bag can’t match. First, they are usually made with leather, or other waterproof material so water can’t get in to your thousand-dollar Apple during a downpour. This will also keep your computer safe against accidental spills which can damage your whole system. Second, they have built-in padding and other shock absorbing material so your laptop does not absorb the sudden shock when dropped. These padding would also cushion your laptop when if you set it quickly or suddenly on the ground or tabletop. Third, a computer case would also protect your laptop from dust, smoke particles, or other foreign debris. This is especially a necessity when you are moving out and taking your computer to your new home. You can cover your home computers with computer bags. Do this to avoid exposing it to extreme temperature, foreign debris, and humidity during the course of your move. Fourth, computer bags usually features different compartments for your other computer accessories. This is a lot different from a normal bag wherein compartments are usually big pockets where smaller objects can’t help but roll around. Computer or laptop bag compartments usually a special storage for wires, tools, mouse, adaptor, a webcam and even batteries. These hooks and individual pockets prevent wire tangles and rolling around of objects.

Though computer bags, laptop bags, laptop cases, computer carrying case, laptop carrying case, and other gadget carrying cases come in varying kinds, it is important to choose good quality bags. They may be more expensive but you are assured of better protection for your laptops and computers. They are also long wearing and with proper use, can even last you for years. They are also easily available through the Internet and gadget stores. Invest in a good quality bag and you save yourself hundreds of dollars from computer repairs.

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Last modified: August 23, 2022

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