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AWS, CrowdStrike, Presidio Join Hands To Develop Ransomware Mitigation Kit

Given the increasing incidents of ransomware attacks, multiple tech giants have joined hands to develop a thorough security measure. Dubbed the “Ransomware Mitigation Kit”, the new tool aims at preventing ransomware attacks on organizations.

Ransomware Mitigation Kit Designed To Secure Corporate Sector

Reportedly, CloudEndure – a cloud computing company under the umbrella of Amazon Web Services, CrowdStrike – a cybersecurity technology firm, and Presidio – a global IT solutions service, have collaborated together to develop a comprehensive ransomware protection solution. What they call the “Ransomware Mitigation Kit”, the new tool should help organizations prevent ransomware attacks.

According to a recent press release,

The Ransomware Mitigation Kit combines Presidio’s industry-leading services with CrowdStrike and CloudEndure’s technologies to establish a strong cloud security foundation for organizations to defend against ransomware and sophisticated adversaries.

Specifically, the key functionalities of this inclusive tool include,

  • Cloud security against ransomware and other cyber attacks
  • Breach protection
  • Attack detection and prevention
  • Quick attack response to prevent lateral spread of ransomware
  • Backup recovery

This single tool alleviates manual effort to prevent severe threats leveraging AI and automation. Hence, it empowers organizations to prepare and respond quickly to incoming threats before a disaster happens.

As David Trader, Field CISO at Presidio, commented

It’s not a matter of if your organization will experience a crippling cyber event, it’s a matter of when. Preparation is critical. Our new solution can stop ransomware in its tracks, saving immeasurable time, resources and money.

Also, the team believes that this tool can also help organizations address the five pillars of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Most ransomware attacks often gain persistence on the target networks for some time before waging data encryption. Then, the double extortion strategy further proves damaging for the firms as it renders the target unable to recover lost (and stolen) data in any case.

Hence, this new tool will empower organizations to quickly detect and identify cyber threats, respond to risks, and recover critical data before a breach.

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Last modified: December 10, 2021

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