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Apple Ipod: Start a Serious Music Collection With Free Download

Apple.com Ipod: get yourself some free downloads of music and films, you will be pleased with what you get. These days it seems that Ipods are the one MP3 player that everyone wants to have. Most of the people you know have probably got one. The one negative feature of owning an Ipod is trying to download from Itunes, this is often quite pricey, and it isn’t that brilliant anyway! There are ways around the problem though, and I’ve produced a list of hints in this article to help you get free legal downloads!

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Stay legal. Would you really think it was worth serving a prison sentence, or having to pay a massive fine, just to get some Mp3s? You can find some perfectly legal download sites to get your MP3s from (more on this later), so make sure you give torrent sites and sites of that type a wide berth. It may feel like there is no risk when you if you download illegally,  but  from your download your IP address can be traced, and it won’t take much effort for a half decent law enforcement officer to trace your home address from that!

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Be very wary of the hype. You’ve probably lost count of how many times  you’ve found a ?free? music download site, only for it to ask you for money so you can create a membership. Virtually all of the sites which claim to offer you free downloads of music, games or videos are lying. It my appear that you are being offered free downloads, but when you try to actually get the  download, they will make you sign up for a membership or try to get hold of your credit card details. Be very wary. 

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Don’t fall foul of the truly awful sites. A lot of sites on the internet will actually allow you to have one or two downloads for free, but in trying to get the downloads, you will be assaulted with popups and spammy ads. These sites make all of their profits from getting people to click on the advertising, so get inside the head of these people, and understand what they want you to do! The downloads that you can get from a site like this  are A, unbelievably slow, and B, often, not the download that you thought you were getting. Sometimes these fake downloads will even be infected with spyware or viruses! It is much better to totally avoid this type of site. You could easily find your Ipod completely ruined by these fake downloads.

The situation is not all bad! You can find a few sites online that are completely genuine, and will give you access to as many downloads as you want, games, music, videos, whatever, without any charge, and unlimited for life. What?s the catch? Well, you will have to pay a joining fee often around $25 to $50 or thereabouts, but this gives you unlimited downloads for life. This fee has to be charged in order to keep the download speeds up, and also to keep updating the lists with the latest available downloads for your Ipod. These sites are your best option if you are looking to download quite a lot of stuff over time.

You now know that there is more involved in finding a good download site for you Ipod than you may have first realised, so do your research and take the time to make the right choices. For more info on which are the best legal sites, check out the links below.

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Last modified: August 22, 2022

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