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Apple iPod Special U2 Edition

New iPod models have sprung up as quickly as mushrooms after the rain and each time they just seem to get better and better. I have to say though that this U2 special edition iPod just captured my heart the moment I saw it. Being very much a U2 fan, the fact that the back panel has the band members’ signatures engraved on it is enough reason in itself for it to be the best. The U2 iPod is easily recognizable from all the other models due to its style. While the others are usually white – or plain black in the case of some 5G models – this baby’s black front panel and bright red click wheel is sure to stand out.

The U2 iPod is so much more than eye candy, though. Twenty gigabytes of storage may seem meager compared to the storage capacity of the newer models but believe me, it still translates to a lot of songs. I have had the iPod for a little over a year now and I still haven’t filled it up.

The U2 iPod has similar features as that of other iPods of its generation. It is so easy to use – all you need in order to do whatever you want with your songs is your thumb. Superior sound quality lets you enjoy all your favorite songs.

One drawback is the battery life. It is supposed to be able to play songs continuously for 12 hours. In my experience, it could be anywhere from 4-9 hours. Factors such as file size and playback options may be the reason for this. The lock button on the top of the iPod can help conserve battery. When not in use, you can lock it so that you won’t accidentally run the battery down. Another concern is that the iPod gets scratched easily. Solution: get a case for protection.

Indeed, compared to the other models with their newer features, the U2 iPod is a bit expensive. If you think about it though, it has everything you need in an mp3 player – unless it’s video you’re after. I suppose the bottom line is whether you are enough of a U2 fan to splurge on it. Then again, even if you are not and you have enough cash to spend, the stand out look of the U2 iPod should be enough reason to get it for yourself.

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Last modified: August 22, 2022

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