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A Look At iPod Accessories

With the increasing popularity of the iPod, it only stands to reason that the accessories market is growing right along with it. Often referred to as the iPod ecosystem, the large number of available iPod accessories are designed to work directly with the iPod and are manufactured by a variety of different companies. Well known industry music leaders Bose and Kennsington are among the companies to create iPod speakers, which use the iPod’s third pin dock connector. Various other companies create add-ons that permit the iPod to record sound, recharge, experience playback music on the radio and create wireless capability for the iPod to be operated with the use of a remote control.

In addition to technological iPod accessories, there are also a number of protective carrying cases designed to tote the iPod safely. While maintaining their equipment’s safety, iPod users are also making a fashion statement with their trendy carrying cases.

Industry experts are amazed at just how far iPod accessories have come. For instance, an iPod control is now available on selected jacket sleeves or backpack straps made available by an apparel company specializing in the snowboarding industry. The theory behind this placement is that it will allow individuals with additional convenience for operating their iPod outdoors and on the go. Now that’s iPod accessories at their best.

There are more common iPod accessories, including a headphone connector that allows for private listening of your favorite tunes. An iPod Hi-Fi speaker is also available for use in an electrical outlet or by battery operation.

With radio being a popular pastime for automobile operators, iPod accessories quickly made their way into car integration. BMW was the first to release an iPod interface, which allowed operators to control their iPod through built-in steering wheel controls. By January 2005, Volo, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari would offer similar systems. Later that year, Acura, Honda, Volkswagen and Audi confirmed their plans to integrate iPod accessories into their car stereos as well.

With it’s ability to customize music playback, the iPod is growing with each passing day. As it’s popularity increases, additional iPod accessories will be manufactured to make the convenience of customized music-on-the-go even better. With auto manufacturers jumping on board with their plans to incorporate iPod accessories into their newest creations, it’s clear to automakers and to the world that iPod is here to stay. And, where there is an iPod, there are iPod accessories not far behind.

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Last modified: August 19, 2022

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