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5 Reasons To Get ESPN Game Plan through Dish Network

Going to a college football game is an exciting time to be among a crowd of fans rooting for your team.  However, not all games will be graced with the perfect weather for football.  Not all games will be nationally televised.  And not all times will you be down to go to a football game.  For those reasons, you might opt to stay at home and watch the game on television.  

That is when ESPN Game Plan comes to the rescue.  With ESPN Game Plan, you will get access to games all over the country.  Here are five reasons to get ESPN Game Plan for your home entertainment.  

1. You live in North Dakota and your alma mater, UCLA is playing the University of Washington.   Hundreds of college football teams play every Saturday and the odds of your former school playing on national television are slim.  In-state rivals and top-ranked match-ups are the likely candidates for national airtime.  With ESPN Game Plan, you are guaranteed 100 games that aren’t offered locally and chances are, your alma mater is one of them.  

2. Traveling can be costly.  If you live miles away from your favorite college football team, it may not be reasonable to travel every Saturday to be at the game.  Transportation, food and hotel accommodations can add up quickly. Watching your favorite team through ESPN Game Plan will be the better alternative when it comes to saving your money.    

3. Game preparations are time consuming.  You are among the thousands of fans who will rush to get to the game and among a hoard of people hurrying home to avoid the congestion. Traffic to and from the game can add stress that you could do without.  You’ll find your time valuable once you realize how much you could put toward other things like doing chores around the house or taking a much-needed nap.  

4. Inclement weather?  No worries for you!  You remember those days when you stood through it all, in the rain, or in the snow while watching your team play.  Now watching from home, you just observe the bundled up coaches on the sidelines or the crowd of umbrellas in the stands.  You are grateful that you don’t have to endure the inclement weather and take comfort of watching the game indoors.

5. You can lounge on Saturday.  Are there days when you just feel like being inside, staying in your pajamas and just lounging?  If there were any day to do this, it would be Saturday, the day dedicated to college football.  If you don’t want to watch alone, invite your close family and friends for a game party with food, fun and laughter.  Take advantage of this downtime to relax inside and enjoy the game from home!  

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Last modified: August 18, 2022

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