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100% office safe amusing animated backgrounds

An explanation of original, simple GIF animated wallpapers from diseno-art.com specifically designed for bored office staff.

Desktop backgrounds and wallpapers are one of the easiest customisable options for any computer user, however inept. Most people choose a picture of their favorite celebrity, car or escapist destination. Others choose animated wallpapers, often depicting an idillic mountain stream or a white sand beach with breathtaking ocean views. 

A new style of simple, safe, tasteful and incredibly easy to install animated wallpapers are on offer from diseno-art.com. These GIF animated wallpapers are 100% office safe and can provide entertainment or inspiration for anyone viewing.

Often when working with a computer for hours on end, and the monotony associated with office life (generally), people become bored and listless. These wallpapers aren’t going to change your office into a club 18-30 party, but they are tailored for office staff amusement because they were designed by office staff. 

Each original animation displays a series of amusing quotes, phrases, captions, anecdotes, facts or brain teasers. The animation runs constantly and can be seen whenever all your windows are closed or minimised. With many variations, regular updates and new animation’s added weekly there is no shortage of material, there’s even one for quitting smoking!

GIF animations are similar to traditional cartoon animations – both comprising of a series of frames put together and displayed at set intervals. Because a GIF is just an image – no unknown files to download – they can be set as a desktop wallpaper by even the most devoted technophope.

The simplicity of GIF animations and the easy downloading process – just save it as an image and then set as desktop background – means many wallpapers can be downloaded and set as your mood desires. When you need a need a change, go back and get some more, there’s always new ones.

Now Albert Einstein, Richard Nixon, Bob Dole and Mr. T can lend you their opinions on the world, however inaccurate. Fascinating facts can amaze you, quotes can amuse you and riddles can puzzle you, all of this while your ‘working’.

To get these animations, or just see them in action visit – http://www.diseno-art.com

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Last modified: August 19, 2022

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